• What Is the Lilburn CID?

    What Is the Lilburn CID?

    The Lilburn Community Improvement District gives private property owners the ability to control change and make improvements in the area surrounding their property, beyond their individual property lines.

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The Lilburn Community Improvement District (LCID) is committed to creating a Greater Lilburn that allows family and business to prosper. LCID was formed by a collaboration of concerned citizens, all of whom are actively involved in other community groups, committees, city and county government.

Welcome to the City of Lilburn, Georgia


A Better Lilburn

The LCID is an organization that works in conjunction with existing groups and governments. It fills a role that many municipal or county government entities or businesses cannot fill on their own.

A CID can work to improve...

  • ~ Safety
  • ~ Transportation
  • ~ Infrastructure
  • ~ Land & Streetscaping


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