BAPS Mandir Hindu Temple at the center of development initiative

The Lilburn CID is undertaking a master planning process for the area around the BAPS Mandir Hindu Temple. The BAPS Mandir Temple is one of only five in the country, the largest Hindu temple outside of India and is Gwinnett County’s number one destination for tourism.

mandirThe CID is working with BAPS Mandir Temple officials, city, county and state officials and the local business community to complete a plan that will transform the area around Rockbridge Road and Lawrenceville Highway in Lilburn into a vibrant destination for members of the Mandir, tourists visiting the Mandir and local residents. The plan will focus on transportation and mobility enhancements, landscaping, lighting improvements, residential development planning and economic development strategies.

The estimated project cost is $50,000 and will be started this spring and is expected to be completed this fall.

The primary goal of the Lilburn CID is to increase the value of our member properties. This incredible project will increase business in our retail and dining establishments and attract high income residents to the area surrounding our CID.