Rep. Clay Cox delivers roundup on business-friendly legislation

Clay CoxState Rep. Clay Cox recently delivered a legislative update to the Lilburn Business Association. According to Rep. Cox, this year’s budget is a record $25 billion. In this year’s spending plan, the Education Department will receive $9.4 billion or 38% of the budget to educate 1.7 million K-12 students in 2,267 schools. The Department of Community Health will receive $3.2 billion (roughly 13% of state spending). The University System of Georgia and Department of Transportation round out the top four spending recipients. The remainder of the spending will address bond service and all other departments.

Legislation passed to lay the groundwork for the increased use of driverless vehicles in Georgia, especially as they will pertain to rideshare providers. Lawmakers also passed the Space Flight Authorization Act, which will allow certain areas on the Georgia coast to begin providing facilities for rocket launch and service facilities. Finally, effective Sept. 1 breweries and distilleries will be able to sell a limited amount of their product directly to consumers.

Looking ahead, Rep. Cox indicated that next year’s session will focus on two important measures: (1) Passing a bill that will incentivize businesses to occupy existing empty strip malls and office spaces to reduce blight, and (2) a measure that will give businesses offering a company healthcare plan a tax credit for every employee they hire who was previously on Medicaid.

Gwinnett County road paving for a smooth drive

Every year, Gwinnett County transportation employees rate the pavement status on about half of the county-maintained roads to determine those most in need of resurfacing. Gwinnett will resurface close to 170 miles of its roads this year –with roughly 70 miles inside the CID. About half of the $2 million needed for the work will come from local sales taxes with the remainder funded by state grants.

Major roads in the CID to be refurbished include all or parts of Rockbridge, Burns, Harbins and Pleasant Hill Roads. These roads, along with the resurfacing of residential roads, will give the area a fresh look by summer’s end. Naturally, there will be some inconvenience during the repaving process, but Gwinnett County Transportation Director Alan Chapman says, “Resurfacing studies and our own experience have shown if we can maintain the riding surface on a roadway, we will spend less money over time keeping it in good repair.”

Update on current CID projects

The CID has multiple projects in various stages of planning and completion, including those that require special permitting, new partnerships and additional funding resources. Please click here to download a snapshot update of the ongoing improvement efforts.

CID steps up summer landscaping

Summer means more mowing, weed control and debris removal for the landscaping professionals contracted by the Lilburn Community Improvement District (CID). Crews regularly patrol the CID corridor to support a clean appearance of right-of-way spaces, and these visits increase during the warmest months. The CID also coordinates with the City of Lilburn and Gwinnett County to increase the frequency of mowing for areas that would otherwise receive very limited attention.

At the same time, the CID is planning substantial landscaping installations to occur this fall for key intersections and gateway areas. The planting features will highlight the corridor as a unique destination that is visibly supported by its commercial property owners.


Lilburn CID welcomes new members

The Lilburn CID continues to grow through the addition of new member commercial properties. Executive Director Emory Morsberger’s efforts resulted in 48 parcels added to the CID from throughout the greater Lilburn area. These properties account for an assessed value of $35,125,200 with locations along Highway 29, Lilburn Industrial Boulevard and Arcado, Beaver Ruin, Burns, and Killian Hill Roads. The Lilburn City Council and Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners have approved the CID’s request to add the properties.

The CID’s purpose is to increase the values of its commercial properties, and the future success of the district relies on support from property owners agreeing to become CID partners. For more information on how to complete the simple process to join the CID, please contact Executive Director Emory Morsberger at 770-409-8100.