Bus routes a possibility for CID area

Imagine having the option for professionals to easily access rapid transit – close to their Lilburn homes – for comfortably travel to high-paying tech and research facilities. This scenario may be a reality sooner rather than later as Gwinnett leaders ponder a new future for transit services.

For the first time in 16 years, Gwinnett County Transit (GCT) is taking a comprehensive look at its routes and services with a goal of making improvements. The Connect Gwinnett Transit effort will lead to new plans and improved services. For the Lilburn business community, this could include the establishment of new bus rapid transit services.

The greater Lilburn area is in serious need of park/ride options and bus rapid transit routes connecting commuters who daily drive Highway 29 to such destinations as Emory University and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Establishing new local access points and routes would greatly reduce commuter congestion while providing a better quality of life benefit. Even more of these skilled employees would likely make their homes in this community, supporting local businesses and helping to increase property values.

Lilburn business leaders, commercial property owners and residents need to actively engage Connect Gwinnett Transit. Please take a moment to view these resources, and join in available meetings and online surveys to share your thoughts.

Connect Gwinnett Site – www.connectgwinnetttransit.com
Connect Gwinnett Online Survey – www.connectgwinnetttransit.com/survey
Connect Gwinnett on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ConnectGwinnettTransit

Click here to read the Gwinnett County – Connect Gwinnett Transit media release

Music on Main Street Keeps Lilburn an Entertainment Destination

Lilburn CID stakeholders Scott and Alicia Mecredy have owned and operated Music on Main Street (MOMS) in downtown Lilburn since May 2011 when they purchased the 1895 historic home at 113 Main Street. After a few months of interior renovations, they started offering music lessons, and it was obvious they were filling a community need. But they set their sights beyond music lessons – they saw an opportunity to grow local talent and offer the experience of live concerts by world-class artists.

To make their vision a reality, the Mecredys had to make property improvements to allow for a variety of music-related activities. Using the gentle slope of their spacious backyard, they built an outdoor stage for artists, fundraisers, weddings, summer youth camps and others with emerging talents. They also remodeled their attic to accommodate a recording studio that doubles as a small concert hall in the winter months. Thanks to their hard work and business savvy, MOMS is now a thriving hub of musical activity all year long, with sell-out weekend concerts and young musicians anxious to display their skills. The Lilburn CID wishes MOMS continued success as a first-class entertainment destination.

See the MOMS 2017 concert schedule below. Check the website for updates and information: http://www.musiconmainstreetlilburn.com

  • July 22 – Campbell Harrison with Scott Mecredy. Twisted Slinky Finch Mob (Details)
  • July 29 – Madrid Express – Tribute to Col. Bruce Hampton (Details)
  • September 9 – Donna Hopkins (Details)
  • September 16 – Grant Green Jr. (Details)
  • October 14 – Michael Tolcher (Details)

Swami Honors Mandir Anniversary with a Visit

The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir celebrated its 10th anniversary with a visit from His Holiness Mahant Swami Maharaj from June 21 through July 7.The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir celebrated its 10th anniversary with a visit from His Holiness Mahant Swami Maharaj from June 21 through July 7. During the two-weeks visit, an estimated three to four thousand BAPS devotees traveled to Lilburn to honor their spiritual leader and take part in daily activities and conferences. His Holiness oversaw various spiritual events for volunteers, children, youth and adults. Also scheduled were visits with community and elected leaders.

The Lilburn CID welcomed His Holiness and the thousands of visitors who came to Lilburn. The CID extends congratulations to the community of Shri Swaminarayan Mandir for a successful 10th anniversary.

For more on the Swami’s visit, click here.

CID Giving Highway 29 a Facelift

The Lilburn CID is providing 100% of the funding to complete much-needed landscaping improvements at three key Highway 29 intersections. This corridor makeover will drastically improve and further define our CID. Look for future updates as we make progress on these and other projects.

Rockbridge Road & Indian Trail – This intersection was landscaped at all four corners in June. The CID has plans to complete the same level of landscaping at Indian Trail by late 2017. That make-over will include the four corners of the intersection. The grass median near Indian Trail and Burns Road will also receive a crepe myrtle tree canopy and additional small shrubs along with ground cover plantings.

Beaver Ruin – The CID will landscape all four corners of this intersection with plantings similar to the Rockbridge intersection in early 2018. Plantings at all of the intersections and the median will include (as appropriate) dwarf wax myrtles, pink knock-out roses, pink muhly grass, crape myrtles, Liriope, Yapon holly, fountain grass, Abelia, Walter’s viburnum, sweet shrub, serviceberry and Loropetalums.

Rep. Clay Cox delivers roundup on business-friendly legislation

Clay CoxState Rep. Clay Cox recently delivered a legislative update to the Lilburn Business Association. According to Rep. Cox, this year’s budget is a record $25 billion. In this year’s spending plan, the Education Department will receive $9.4 billion or 38% of the budget to educate 1.7 million K-12 students in 2,267 schools. The Department of Community Health will receive $3.2 billion (roughly 13% of state spending). The University System of Georgia and Department of Transportation round out the top four spending recipients. The remainder of the spending will address bond service and all other departments.

Legislation passed to lay the groundwork for the increased use of driverless vehicles in Georgia, especially as they will pertain to rideshare providers. Lawmakers also passed the Space Flight Authorization Act, which will allow certain areas on the Georgia coast to begin providing facilities for rocket launch and service facilities. Finally, effective Sept. 1 breweries and distilleries will be able to sell a limited amount of their product directly to consumers.

Looking ahead, Rep. Cox indicated that next year’s session will focus on two important measures: (1) Passing a bill that will incentivize businesses to occupy existing empty strip malls and office spaces to reduce blight, and (2) a measure that will give businesses offering a company healthcare plan a tax credit for every employee they hire who was previously on Medicaid.