BAPS Mandir Hindu Temple at the center of development initiative

The Lilburn CID is undertaking a master planning process for the area around the BAPS Mandir Hindu Temple. The BAPS Mandir Temple is one of only five in the country, the largest Hindu temple outside of India and is Gwinnett County’s number one destination for tourism.

mandirThe CID is working with BAPS Mandir Temple officials, city, county and state officials and the local business community to complete a plan that will transform the area around Rockbridge Road and Lawrenceville Highway in Lilburn into a vibrant destination for members of the Mandir, tourists visiting the Mandir and local residents. The plan will focus on transportation and mobility enhancements, landscaping, lighting improvements, residential development planning and economic development strategies.

The estimated project cost is $50,000 and will be started this spring and is expected to be completed this fall.

The primary goal of the Lilburn CID is to increase the value of our member properties. This incredible project will increase business in our retail and dining establishments and attract high income residents to the area surrounding our CID.

Projects Update: November 2015

Following are projects that have been completed or are under design as of November 30, 2015.


Boulevard of Opportunity LCI Study: This study, completed in conjunction with the City of Lilburn, Gwinnett County and the Atlanta Regional Commission has been a guiding document in the efforts of the Lilburn CID.

Main Street Realignment: The Lilburn CID, in conjunction with the City of Lilburn, Gwinnett County, SRTA, and Georgia DOT, provided funding, including securing an $800,000 grant, for the realignment of Main Street at US 29/Lawrenceville Highway. This project will lead to new opportunities, including mixed-use developments and a new city hall/library.

Access Management Study: The Lilburn CID, in conjunction with Gwinnett County, prepared this study which provides the Lilburn CID with project guidance to assist in improving access around the US 29/Lawrenceville Hwy corridor, including new access routes and interparcel access projects.

Lawrenceville Hwy Corridor Study – Urban Design Implementation: The Lilburn CID, in conjunction with the Atlanta Regional Commission, provided guidance on enhancing mobility and aesthetics within the corridor, including enhancements to intersections, trails, streetscape improvements, corridor visual consistency and branding.

Under Design

US 29/Lawrenceville Hwy multi-use trail: The proposed trail, which would be a 4,000+ foot, 10′ hardscaped path along the southerly side of Hwy 29 between Killian Hill Road and Postal Way will provide enhanced mobility to pedestrians and bikers through the corridor.

Lilburn CID-Supported Main Street Realignment Project Advances

Downtown Lilburn will begin to show signs of project progress related to a major transportation initiative supported by the Lilburn Community Improvement District (CID).

Beginning in August, crews will remove some existing structures to accommodate the realignment of Main Street into the heart of Lilburn.

The Lilburn CID is partnered with the City of Lilburn, Gwinnett County and Georgia Department of Transportation to widen and realign the city’s gateway entrance beginning at Highway 29. New amenities will be added to include a multi-use trail and roundabout intersections.

CID Executive Director Gerald McDowell said the road configuration will open access to 20 acres or more of prime, underutilized real estate. The future relocation of City Hall and the addition of a new library will attract other developments.

“We are excited that a dynamic city center will be taking shape here in Lilburn,” McDowell said. “Improving access to these areas will greatly enhance interest for economic investment and sustained redevelopment. The city’s planned improvements will propel Lilburn as a vibrant place for community-focused growth for many years to come.”

Key project funding was secured by the CID through a grant from the Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank (GTIB), which is administered by the State Road and Tollway Authority.

Plans for the Main Street project are receiving a final review with Gwinnett County authorities. The bid process for the road construction will be completed this fall.

The City of Lilburn will continue to post project updates on its website –