CID Advancing Improvement for Highway 29 Interchanges

The CID is working to complete design plans and related studies to support improvements at two district intersections. The CID is championing upgrades for Highway 29’s intersections with Ronald Reagan Parkway and Jimmy Carter Boulevard. Contracted engineers will look at possible traffic signal additions or other operational adjustments at Ronald Reagan Parkway. The Jimmy Carter Boulevard area could benefit from dual left turn lanes, sidewalks and traffic signal optimization.

Once the preliminary planning process is complete, the CID will deliver information to the Gwinnett County Department of Transportation for its consideration. It is possible that these intersection enhancements could be included for sales tax funding if they are recommended for approval by the county’s SPLOST Citizen Review Committee. The Gwinnett Department of Transportation is partially funding the planning and engineering costs for the conceptual plans at both locations.

More information about these and other projects is available by downloading the CID’s 2016 Annual Report.

Download the report