CID Focused on Corridor Cleanup

Workers cutting grass in right-of-way

The Lilburn CID is expanding its maintenance program to keep the district clean. In the coming year, the CID plans to increase the frequency of litter and debris removal from twice monthly sweeps to a weekly schedule.

Workers cutting grass in right-of-wayAlong with additional cleanups, the CID will increase the frequency of its mowing and weeding services. Currently, some Lawrenceville Highway areas are only mowed three to four times per year even with the combined efforts of the state and county. The CID will work closely with the city and county to fill in the gaps between mowing sessions, as needed.

Plans are also underway to add enhanced landscape features to key corridor intersections on U.S. Highway 29 (Lawrenceville Highway) this winter. The CID is working with its landscaping designers to establish a unified and attractive landscaping plan that will be deployed once drought restrictions have been eased.

Districtwide litter clearing, regular curb appeal maintenance and improved landscaping are top priorities set by the CID’s Board of Directors and requested by commercial property owners. These efforts directly support increased value to benefit property and business owners.