Gwinnett County road paving for a smooth drive

Every year, Gwinnett County transportation employees rate the pavement status on about half of the county-maintained roads to determine those most in need of resurfacing. Gwinnett will resurface close to 170 miles of its roads this year –with roughly 70 miles inside the CID. About half of the $2 million needed for the work will come from local sales taxes with the remainder funded by state grants.

Major roads in the CID to be refurbished include all or parts of Rockbridge, Burns, Harbins and Pleasant Hill Roads. These roads, along with the resurfacing of residential roads, will give the area a fresh look by summer’s end. Naturally, there will be some inconvenience during the repaving process, but Gwinnett County Transportation Director Alan Chapman says, “Resurfacing studies and our own experience have shown if we can maintain the riding surface on a roadway, we will spend less money over time keeping it in good repair.”