Lilburn Industrial Way — Economic Development Infrastructure Project

The CID is working with property owners and city leaders on long-range plans to substantially enhance Lilburn Industrial Way. In early 2017, preliminary planning will begin for reconstructing the road to better accommodate tractor trailers and other vehicles accessing the area’s commercial operations.

Reconstruction improvements will include curbs and gutters, stormwater drainage, resurfacing and striping, roadway lighting and a more durable roadway pavement that will accommodate the heavy truck usage of the road. The project will also focus on increasing the turning radius at the Killian Hill and Lilburn Industrial Boulevard intersection as well as reconstruction of driveways to accommodate the movement of larger trucks and tractor trailers.

The CID will also evaluate the need for a traffic signal at the intersection with Killian Hill, and provide the analysis to Gwinnett County for their review and decision. The proposed improvements have been developed in association with the City of Lilburn, and the construction improvements will be funded by the city’s 2016 SPLOST allocation from Gwinnett County. The planning and design plan development for this project is funded through a combination of Lilburn CID funds and Gwinnett County’s 2009 SPLOST Planning allocation to the Lilburn CID.

At the same time, the CID is meeting with Lilburn Industrial property owners to discuss necessary individual improvements such as fencing repairs and debris removal. The CID is committed to promoting the area’s overall appeal to better serve existing property owners and attract new investors.

Special thanks to everyone who participating in the Lilburn Industrial Way planning meetings:

Steve Faber
Christine Fritts
Sammy Gebremeskel
Donald Gober
Sonia Greaux
Howard Lin
Fredrick Lott
Jeff Maddox
Brent McGuffey
Matt Oldroyd
Carol Osentaski
David Pararo
Pat Schultz

If you would like to join this group, please contact Lilburn CID Executive Director Emory Morsberger at 770-409- 8100.

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