Massive Road Project Could Impact CID

In the coming months, the Georgia Department of Transportation will launch the largest road improvement project in Georgia’s history, an undertaking that could impact commuters in the CID.

New flyover ramps and collector-distributor lanes will dramatically realign the interchange of I-285 and Ga. 400 as part of a billion-dollar construction effort that will continue through 2020. The CID already experiences high demand along the Jimmy Carter corridor as drivers make their way to interstate access, and this new project could increase traffic through the corridor by as much as 20% during the next three years.

CID leaders are keenly aware of traffic volumes for daily commuters and freight travel, and it is anticipated that traffic patterns will change once Ga. 400 construction begins in full. The CID will closely monitor area roadways and work with the appropriate state and local transportation departments to address any local issues.

The following video details the upcoming Ga. 400 improvement project.