New Partnerships to Increase CID Impact

The CID is forging new partnerships to bolster plans for district wide cleanups as well as pedestrian-focused improvements. CID organizers are pulling together a first-ever coalition of area apartment communities and homeowner associations to broaden support and participation.

The CID expects to increase the frequency of litter removal and mowing in 2017, and cooperation with residential communities will multiply the impact of these services. The efforts of residential neighborhoods to provide professional landscape maintenance at their entrances could work in concert with the CID’s efforts to maintain adjacent areas.

The CID will also work with the county to extend sidewalks and improve lighting in multiple areas for pedestrian and driver safety. Plans such as these would involve project support from the CID and overall funding through sales taxes collected by the county.

The “Operation Cleanup” partnership includes coordination with the city of Lilburn and leaders of the Gwinnett Village CID, which is immediately adjacent to the Lilburn CID along the “Incredible Corridor” of Mountain Industrial and Jimmy Carter Boulevards. The CID will continue to meet with all of the expanded stakeholder groups in 2017 to build on the positive momentum. The goal remains to advance the CID as the metro area’s safest and best-looking business corridor.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the “Operation Cleanup” kickoff. Thank you to Associate Pastor Stephen Hartley and his incredible Lilburn Alliance Church for hosting this meeting.

Davida Baker
Jerry Barnes
Pat Barnes
Sheara Beach
Marsha Bomar, Gwinnett Village CID Director
Vanessa Bush
Kathy Cooper
Lilburn Mayor Johnny Crist
Kevin Ferrari
Lorena Figueroa
Patty Giabilondo
Sandra Gonzalez
Peggy Knipper
Paige Kolb
Mathew Lee
Melissa Lee
Greg Mix
Elaine Poole
Shadia Portilla