Lilburn CID December 2019 Newsletter

Board Member Spotlight: Eddie Price

Lilburn CID board member Eddie Price founded Eddie’s Automotive in 1998. Once a one-man operation, the shop has grown and expanded to its current location at 5440 Webb Parkway since 2008.

Being a business owner fueled Eddie’s interest in local government which is how he became involved with Lilburn’s City Council and the Lilburn Downtown Development Authority (DDA) the past 14 years. He was also a driving force in the creation of Lilburn CID, working with then-Mayor Jack Bolton and the soon-to-be Mayor Diana Preston to create the Lilburn Community Partnership first, before establishing Lilburn CID. Price saw the benefit that a CID would bring to the City by providing another way to improve the area and give more control to property owners.

Eddie is extremely proud of the diversity within the district and welcomes the growth that new residents and businesses bring to the community, which he dubs a “10-year overnight” success. “Just look around, the [BAPS Shri Swaminarayan] Mandir has been highly involved with the LCID and the city,” said Eddie. “I have made several friendships with members of the Mandir that I value very much.”

In regards to the ever nettlesome topic of traffic, Eddie agrees that there needs to be an improvement, but doesn’t know what the right answer is. He does, however, have confidence that Gwinnett County, the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) and the community will come up with a solution. He believes power is in numbers, “This is a team effort, comprised of the LCID, City of Lilburn, DDA, Gwinnett County, State of Georgia and most importantly our citizens and property owners. If we can all pull together, we can make our area a shining example of what can be done when we work together.”

Board Member Spotlight: Shiv Aggarwal

LCID Board Member Shiv Aggarwal is the President and CEO of American Management Services, an Atlanta-based real estate firm focused on developing quality retail and shopping centers throughout the U.S. southeast region. For more than 30 years, Shiv has served as an active Lilburn community member by supporting the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir and bringing development to the surrounding area for example. 

In addition to being an LCID board member, he remains dedicated to supporting numerous cultural and nonprofit organizations by also serving as a board member of Aerotropolis Airport West CID, chairman and founding member of Gateway85 CID and also as president of the Atlanta Chapter of Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides education to rural villages in India. He also founded the Global Mall, the first and only indoor South Asian mall in North America designed to bring the metro Atlanta Indian community together.

Since officially joining the LCID three years ago, Shiv has worked alongside the board to take Lilburn to greater heights including facilitating cleanup of the area and improving traffic. As an owner of several properties in Lilburn, he understands the immense value in Lilburn.

Shiv believes that there is a high demand for an array of real estate in the district including homes, shopping centers and small businesses. He plans to invest in more properties all across Lilburn in the interest of contributing to the district’s growth.

Meet Lilburn’s New Assistant City Manager, Jennifer Payne-Simpkins

A new began appearing around Lilburn City Hall on December 9, 2019. The City of Lilburn recently hired Jennifer Payne-Simpkins as the new assistant city manager. 

Jennifer previously served as the city manager for the city of Fort Oglethorpe in northwest Georgia for nearly three years. Her family connections to Gwinnett County were a primary factor in her decision to make a move when she learned of the available position in Lilburn.

We welcome Jennifer to Lilburn and look forward to working with her on many projects to come. 

Read more about Jennifer in this North West Georgia News article.

LCID Landscape and Maintenance Beautification Now Thanks to BrightView

Things are going to start looking much brighter in the district, thanks to BrightView landscaping company. LCID recently accepted BrightView’s bid for right-of-way mowing, landscape installation and related maintenance services.  

One of BrightView’s major projects in the district will be maintaining Jackson Creek Trail. Plans for the trail include enhanced sidewalks, driveway crossings, pedestrian bridge construction, removal of current brush and the planting and installation of new foliage. LCID is contributing $100,000 in addition to the $175,000 in SPLOST funds and $700,000 Transportation Enhancement Grant for the trail’s renovation and upkeep. BrightView also maintains the landscape for many metro Atlanta CIDs including Gateway85 CID, Tucker-Norcross CID, Central Perimeter CID and (Fulton Industrial) Boulevard CID.

Killian Hill Road Widening Project

Funding for the $25 million Killian Hill Road widening project from Arcado Road to Church Street has been established through SPLOST. LCID and the City of Lilburn are working on scheduling the project’s construction as soon as the funds are made available.

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