Lilburn CID January 2021 Newsletter

Lilburn CID January 2021 Newsletter

Letter from the Executive Director

With the erratic and unpleasant 2020 now behind us, I want to wish everyone a very happy and hopeful new year! Lilburn CID is looking ahead toward 2021 with new projects and partnerships that will only continue to grow and boost our district.

The CID’s 2021 revenue is projected to be $700,000, however the figure may vary due to COVID-19 related delays on property tax collections. With the tax bills going out two months later than normal, we may fall short of our revenue goal this year, but will more than make up for it in 2022. The 2021 budget was unanimously approved by the board on December 16, 2020 with funds earmarked for key projects like additional Flock Safety cameras, new wayfinding and signage in conjunction with the City of Lilburn, improved landscaping and construction improvements to Hood Road and the Ronald Reagan Parkway ramp.

LCID also plans to expand its boundaries during 2021 and is in the process of contacting targeted businesses that would benefit dramatically from CID projects and improvements. Business and property owners who agree to join will have access to CID membership, which will widen their network of benefits. We anticipate submitting paperwork to finalize the expansion in April 2021. View the interactive map of the current LCID boundaries here.

Here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2021! – Tad Leithead, LCID Executive Director

Spotlight on Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners Chair,
Nicole Love Hendrickson

LCID would like to extend a warm welcome to the newly elected Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners Chair Nicole Love Hendrickson. Hendrickson succeeds Charlotte Nash, who was recently recognized by the Atlanta Regional Commission with the 2020 Harry West Visionary Leadership award for her accomplishments as Gwinnett County chair from 2011 through 2020.

Though she may have some big shoes to fill, Hendrickson was hand-picked by Chairwoman Nash to create and direct the Gwinnett Community Outreach Program, designed to engage the public in county affairs while making the Gwinnett government more open and accessible to its citizens.

Looking toward the future, Hendrickson wants to build upon Gwinnett’s attributes and address great some of the most pressing challenges from transit expansion and economic development to workforce housing and the pandemic’s impact on the most vulnerable communities. She views the pandemic as the biggest threat to the local economy currently and is determined to work to keep businesses operating and people employed to fuel the economy. 

With the COVID-19 vaccine now available, she feels that the biggest obstacle for health care workers is convincing those eligible to become vaccinated. The County plans to work closely with public health officials to combat the spread of vaccine misinformation to make sure that the community has all the facts. She feels there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

To ensure future growth, Hendrickson will work toward strengthening the infrastructure to accommodate business-related traffic from the additional 500,000 future residents joining the nearly million current residents over the next 20-25 years with a multi-faceted plan that improves transportation and mobility, ultimately improving quality of life and economic development.

Hendrickson has lived and worked in Gwinnett for more than a decade and lived in Lilburn since 2018. She loves her neighbors and patronizes businesses with diverse backgrounds. Hendrickson believes that Lilburn’s small town feel and sense of community with amenities like the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, libraries, parks and great restaurants are what make the city so special. She believes that Gwinnett has a rich history and that native “Gwinnettians” can use their collective voice to build bridges. 

While Chairwoman Hendrickson is building a future for Gwinnett, she is also building a future for her seven-year old son. What she wants for her family is the same thing she wants for her community – health, economic prosperity and an unlimited future.

Gwinnett County Election Results

Gwinnett County welcomes three new county commissioners, the new chairwoman Nicole Love Hendrickson, Kirkland Carden (District 1) and Jasper Watkins (District 3); a new district attorney, Patsy Austin-Gatson; a new sheriff, Keybo Tayor and new tax commissioner, Tiffany Porter.  

LCID looks forward to working with Gwinnett officials in creating a greater, safer and more mobile Gwinnett.

Russell Landscape is the New Landscaping and Maintenance Company for LCID

LCID is kicking off the new year with a new landscape and maintenance company, Russell Landscape. The family-run business was founded in Atlanta, but has grown to eight branches throughout the southeast.

“The team at Russell Landscape is excited and proud to partner with LCID in 2021,” says Teddy Russell, Russell Landscape CEO. “Landscape and curb appeal is the first thing visitors and owners see and experience upon entering the district and we are committed to making sure that the landscape for the LCID is looking its very best all year long!” 

We are confident that Russell Landscape will have a positive impact on economic development and property values of our CID and look forward to seeing this partnership blossom.

LCID Project News and Updates

Wayfinding and Signage
LCID is excited to work with the City of Lilburn on a new wayfinding and signage project in downtown Lilburn. The CID and the City began working together in April 2020, deciding on Sky Design to create the master plan. 

Capital Signs will be installing the following new signs throughout the month of March:

  • 1 Memorial sign
  • 12 Vehicular directional signs at 6 major intersections along Lawrenceville Highway from Rockbridge Road to Ronald Reagan Parkway
  • 40 Pole banners along the same roads as the directional signs
  • 8 City of Lilburn blade signs at major intersections along Highway 29
  • 2 Old Town Lilburn blade signs at the intersection of Main Street and Highway 29

Hood Road Project Update
The entrance to Lilburn Elementary School at Lilburn School Road and US 29 has been a safety concern for parents and staff for quite some time. A traffic signal analysis was performed which found 22 correctable crashes within a five-year span. Once completed, the Hood Road traffic signal and realignment project will greatly impact traffic flow and congestion around the school and intersection.

Ronald Reagan Parkway Ramp Update
Construction to relocate the eastbound Ronald Reagan Parkway off-ramp away from the bridge to improve sight distance is slated to begin early this year. The project was first proposed by LCID 2015 under the current SPLOST program and has been eagerly awaited. 

The project also includes a median break at the commercial strip center on US 29 to allow traffic to make a left turn into the businesses on the property instead of traveling further south and making a U-turn.

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