Lilburn CID October 2020 Newsletter

Lilburn CID October 2020 Newsletter

Lilburn CID October Newsletter

Off-Duty Lilburn Police Officer Rescues Two in Train Derailment

After heavy rains, a train derailment on Sunday, October 11, trapped two men on board until off-duty Lilburn officer, Almedin Ajanovic rushed in to rescue them. Upon hearing the emergency dispatch call, Officer Ajanovic approached the scene on foot when he heard the distressed voices call out. He helped the men out of the wreckage and guided them to safety and let the fire department know where to go.

LCID is proud and honored to have fine officers like Almedin Ajanovic serve and protect us. Read more about the derailment and Officer Ajanovic’s heroic act in this 11 Alive article.

Spotlight on Lilburn Councilwoman Lindsay Voigt

Lilburn Councilwoman Lindsay Voigt
Lilburn Councilwoman Lindsay Voigt was reelected to a second term in November 2019 after she was hand-picked by Brian Burchik to replace him when he chose to step down from the City Council to accept the City’s Downtown Development Authority’s (DDA) Main Street manager position in January 2019.

With a master’s degree in accounting from the University of Georgia and professional background at Ernst & Young, and later moving to software and technology at Salesforce, Lindsay is a newcomer to council work and civil service, but is eager to learn. She is grateful that the Council members and City staff have taken her under their wings and taught her about the facets of city government.

While previously unfamiliar with the inner workings of organizations like LCID, DDA and Georgia Department of Transportation, Lindsay has gotten a crash course by attending regular meetings. She has grown to appreciate these partnerships and what they do to help the City accomplish its goals for beautification, road improvements and safety initiatives – all of which make Lilburn great. She feels that real community is about working together to find aligned interests and partnering to achieve goals, like the City and CID do every day..

For example, The Hood Road re-alignment is a cornerstone project that benefits the City and CID. Improved safety and traffic along US-29, Lilburn’s major corridor, at that intersection will not only ensure citizens’ welfare but will also attract future development.

As a resident of Old Town Lilburn, Lindsay would love nothing more than to see the City continue to grow and thrive with new businesses and restaurants coming to the area. In her role as Councilwoman, she vows to listen, learn and then select an area where she can make the greatest impact in a smart, respectful manner.

Spotlight on Lilburn SPLOST Project Manager, Kim Conroy

Lilburn SPLOST Project Manager Kim Conroy
After nearly 30 years of working for the Gwinnett Department of Transportation (GDOT), Kim Conroy thought he could retire in peace, but the ever personable Lilburn City Manager and Kim’s bowling partner, Bill Johnsa, was able to lure Kim into working for the City part-time as the SPLOST Project Manager.

The job also appealed to Kim because it allowed him to get back to doing what he loves to do, being on-site and watching projects come to fruition. As the City’s SPLOST Project Manager, Kim is responsible for identifying projects most in need of improvement and allocating the proper special-purpose local-option sales tax funds towards those improvements.

Kim believes that it is the relationships and partnerships like that of the City of Lilburn and LCID that help acquire County, State and Federal dollars to alleviate the cost of many of these projects. He states that the more local governments and organizations participate in funding and supporting projects, the better chance they have of receiving State and Federal money.

While large, expensive road projects get the most attention, it’s often the small projects that have a more direct impact on people’s daily lives. And what Kim loves about Lilburn is that the citizens really do appreciate the little things and take the time to positively comment on the work the City and CID are doing to make the community a better place.

When he is not working, Kim enjoys riding his motorcycle and cruising the roads to Athens or the mountains.

Voting Updates for Gwinnett County

Find all the information you need to check your voter registration status, track your absentee ballot, obtain a sample ballot and locate polling locations and hours for early voting on the Gwinnett County website. Don’t want to stand in long lines? Check out the Gwinnett County voter wait times here.

Every vote counts, make sure you are prepared and that your voice is heard.

Gwinnett Transit Education Forum

The November 3 General Election is fast approaching. Among the many candidates, bills and amendments on the ballot is the Gwinnett Transit Referendum. This year’s referendum proposes a one-cent sales tax to begin in April 2021 for 82 transit projects that will cover the county.
Compared to the existing transit system, the Gwinnett Transit Plan proposes to increase Gwinnett County Transit service hours by more than 560% and provides premium, high capacity options not currently in the system.

Please make sure you have all the information regarding the referendum before casting your vote by visiting the Gwinnett Transit Education Forum website.

Spotlight on Lilburn Police Officer, Lt. Boles

Lt. Keith Boles
One of the City of Lilburn’s finest, Lt. Keith Boles, has been dutifully serving in law enforcement for 17 years and in Lilburn for nearly 15 years. Prior to joining the Lilburn Police Force, Lt. Boles was an officer in Kingsland, Georgia and also served four years in the U.S. Marine Corps.

In addition to fighting crime and keeping citizens and businesses safe, Lt. Boles likes to focus on community relations. He and his fellow officers frequently enter businesses on their patrol to introduce themselves and hand out cards in an effort to foster a good relationship with the community and community organizations like the LCID. When citizens and business owners know and trust those who protect them, they feel more comfortable reaching out with concerns or requests for help.

Lilburn’s new Flock Safety cameras have been a great help to Lilburn’s Police Department the past year. Lt. Boles reports that through the camera system, a vehicle from a carjacking in McDonough was located and the suspect’s location also extrapolated from that data where a warrant was issued for his arrest. The cameras were also able to capture the tags of a vehicle that damaged property at Hope Springs Distillery when it drove into a pole. When the officers located the suspects, the distillery owners generously offered to not press charges in exchange for damage restitution.

These are the relationships Lt. Boles strives for in his work as a Lilburn police officer, finding balance between protecting and bettering the community and punishing those who wish to harm or destroy it. He is very proud of the fact that on a local level, trust in law enforcement remains strong.

New Renderings for Lilburn’s New Open-Air Pavilion

If you’ve visited Lilburn City Park recently, you might have noticed that work is underway on the new open-air pavilion. The pavilion will be more than 3,000 square feet and will include public restrooms and two changing rooms on the main floor as well as a basement with a green room for concert performers and storage for city events. The groundbreaking event for this exciting project was September 15th at 1 p.m. and included Lilburn Mayor and Council, members of the Lilburn Downtown Development Authority, members of city staff, Old Town Lilburn business owners and residents.

Check out the pavilion’s new renderings!

LCID Project Updates

Hood Road Project and Lilburn Elementary

The entrance to Lilburn Elementary School at Lilburn School Road and US 29 has been a safety concern for parents and staff for quite some time. Once completed, the Hood Road realignment project would greatly impact traffic flow and congestion around the school and intersection.
Hood Road
“While the current entrance driveway to Bryson Park does not directly affect our school’s traffic, we believe the traffic safety in this area will be much improved when the new entrance drive is aligned with Hood Road,” said Gwinnett County Public Schools Executive Director of Communication and Media Relations Sloan Roach. “We are hopeful that the re-routing of school traffic off of Lilburn School Road to the new traffic circle will result in safe, less congested travel for those coming to and leaving the school. The newly designed intersection should improve safety for students, staff and school visitors as it will align the entrance with Hood Road, removing concerns about cars entering the center turn lane from opposite directions.”
LCID Beautification and Maintenance Procedure

Larry Kaiser of Collaborative Infrastructure Services, Inc. works very closely with Bart Parker and the staff of BrightView commercial landscaping. to keep LCID looking well-maintained and beautiful. Together, Larry drives the LCID corridors on a bi-weekly basis with the BrightView staff to take photos and create a punch list of items that need to be resolved.

The BrightView crew then take the punch list and schedule maintenance, repairs and installations depending on the issue or need. This also gives the CID an ongoing update on the overall performance of the contractor’s work. Exceeding the CID’s expectations is always encouraged. To view the September’s maintenance punch list, please visit the LCID website.
Beaver Ruin Before
Lawrenceville Hwy Before
Lawrenceville Hwy After
Royal Wood Graffiti Before
Royal Wood Graffiti Before
Royal Wood Graffiti After
Royal Wood Graffiti After
Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Mountain Industrial Boulevard Corridor

We are excited to be part of a collaborative study along the Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Mountain Industrial Boulevard corridor! The community is invited to visit to learn more about the project and to provide input on the corridor from Peachtree Industrial Boulevard to E Ponce de Leon Avenue.

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