Requests for Proposals

RFP-16-03: Right-of-Way Mowing, Landscape Installation and Related Maintenance Services (due 09/17/2019 at 4 p.m.)

The Lilburn CID is accepting bids from qualified vendors to provide all labor, materials, equipment and related services necessary in performance of mowing, landscaping installation and related maintenance services in the areas specified by LCID.
(Click here to see Jackson Creek landscape plans.)

View responses to bidder questions here.

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RFP-16-02: Traffic and Pedestrian Improvements, Hwy 29 (due 06/20/2016)

The Lilburn CID is seeking to implement traffic and pedestrian operational improvements at two locations on US Highway 29. The CID is requesting proposals from experienced and qualified professional engineering firms to provide operational analysis, a signal warrant study, a concept plan and scoping report including development of signal plans, and related services.

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RFP-16-01: Mandir Temple District Master Plan (exp. 04/22/2016)

The Lilburn CID hopes to encourage and promote the improvement and development of the LCID by addressing the area surrounding the Mandir temple including transportation and mobility enhancements, visual enhancements including landscaping, lighting, wayfinding and signage, planning, economic development and marketing strategy and a commercial void analysis and area market summary.

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