SPLOST Committee project approvals within the LCID boundaries

Killian Hill Widening

  • Widen from existing two lanes to 4 lanes median divided from Arcado to approximately Church St. at Church Street, Killian is a 5 lane section. The LCID, City of Lilburn and the Gwinnett 2016 SPLOST funds will be used as match funding for future state and federal funding on the construction phase of the project. The actual type of widening (4-lane, median-divided or a 5-lane w/o a median) is yet to be determined.
  • CID estimated schedule for improvements to commence 2025-2026

US 29 @ Jimmy Carter

  • Gwinnett staff and LCID met with Georgia DOT on several occasions to seek state participation on this project. State agreed to financially participate at a TBD funding level
  • Project entails additional turn lanes on all approached, modifications to several commercial driveways and a new traffic signal
  • CID estimated schedule for improvements to commence 2022-2023

US 29 @ Ronald Reagan off ramp

  • Relocate SB RR off ramp away from the intersection with US 29 to improve site distance for cars exiting ramp onto US 29
  • CID estimated schedule for improvements to commence 2020-2021

US 29 median opening near Ronald Reagan off ramp

  • CID estimated schedule for improvements to commence 2020-2021

Pleasant Hill sidewalk at Ronald Reagan on ramp

  • LCID presented cost estimates and several design alternatives to safely allow pedestrians to cross the Ronald Reagan on-ramp from Pleasant Hill RD
  • LCID justified improvements and SPLOST committee and Gwinnett staff concurred
  • Schedule for improvements to begin estimated by the CID to be 2021-2022


Rockbridge turn lane @ US 29

  • LCID provided several potential “safety and operational improvements” to GDOT in 2016 for funding consideration. GDOT selected two locations. The Jimmy Carter/US 29 intersection (see above) and this location. The Rockbridge/US 29 intersection to be funded with 100% state funding.
  • Schedule TBD by the state
  • Line drawing not available


  • LCID is funding 100%.
  • Locations:
    • Killian Hill/Indian Trail/US 29 intersection – scheduled for 2018
    • Rockbridge at US 29 – completed June 2017 (cost for work approx. $25,000)
    • Beaver Ruin @ US 29 – scheduled for 2018
    • Indian Trail – Lilburn Rd (median near Hillcrest) – schedule TBD